Bring More Natural Light to Your Space With Solar-Powered Skylights

Choose between solar powered "Fresh Air" skylights, electric "Fresh Air" skylights, manual venting skylights, or fixed skylights.

Daylight transforms conventional rooms into splendid spaces. Miracle Home Improvements is proud to offer skylights from Velux® - a leader in skylight technology for more than 60 years. Velux® flashing systems are designed to shed water without relying on sealants that can break down over time.
Choose from skylights, sun tunnels and roof windows with confidence. Miracle Home Improvements will help you select the proper product for your installation. Get custom-made skylights upon request.

Benefits of Skylights

There are many environmental benefits of adding skylights to either residential or commercial spaces. Today, more than ever architects, builders and homeowners are incorporating "green" products in their designs and renovation projects.

Skylights are the single best source of allowing daylight and ventilation to occur due to their overhead location. In the spring and summer, allowing the warm interior air to escape while lighting the space below.
During the fall and winter months allowing much needed sunlight while adding warmth to the interior space through the sun's radiant heat. These are natural benefits of skylights without the use of electricity that would be required with either lighting or mechanical ventilation products.

Electric Venting Skylight From Velux®

With the Electric Venting Skylight from Velux®, luxury blends with ease! The patented electric venting skylight brings abundant natural light into your home and with the touch of a button, opens to let fresh air in! As stale, humid air is released, your home will feel comfortable anytime, day or night.

Supreme® Skylights

Supreme® Skylights Inc designs and manufactures the highest quality skylights in the industry. They offer a full line of standard and custom sized skylights to fit most applications. Their products, which are built to last the lifetime of a home, utilize the highest quality materials, energy efficient glazing, and the finest workmanship.
Established in 2006 by individuals with decades of skylight manufacturing and sales experience, the company has grown rapidly. Supreme® Skylights Inc is recognized as a premier skylight brand and is preferred by architects, custom home builders and roofing contractors throughout the Northeast.
Supreme Skylights
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We are your local VELUX® certified 3-Star specialists! You are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit. You can receive an average of $850 with federal tax credit eligibility. 
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